How To Set Up A Website - Beginners Guide

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About Us - How to set up a website

About Us

I originally created this website to help show off all my friend's and family's websites in the hope that it will drive a bit more traffic their way. But Spearhead Projects, captained by Mike, (see the dodgy pic below, I'm the one on the left by the way!) has now morphed in to a reference guide for wannabe web designers who want to learn how to set up their first website (won't be their last!) I create websites in the evenings and weekends as a hobby, I really enjoy the creativity of the whole process. I also provide plenty of free help and info on the best web design software to go for as well. Give me a shout if you need advice on getting going with your own site, it really isn't that difficult! If you find it all really intimidating then I'm happy to do it for you, when I have a minute that is!

Mike explains how to set up a website


Mike helps people out with how to set up a website

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