How To Set Up A Website - Beginners Guide

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Step 2 - Web Hosting - How to set up a website

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Step 2 - Web Hosting
Summary of what web hosting is all about

Before I start, Spearhead Projects have only ever used UK web hosting companies, so I don't know for sure if the following advice is true for other countries.

Right, you have bought a great domain name, you now need to find a cheap place to show off your website on the internet, this is called website hosting. It's all very straight forward, you will have to sign up for one year with a UK web hosting company for a small fee and then you're good to go! In the main most of the cheap website hosting (UK only) companies basically do the same thing. They rent you a bit of computer space on their huge web hosting servers (computers) for an agreed period of time and price. This usually costs between 2.00 - 5.00 per month for a standard web hosting package.

UK web hosting

You will get an easy to use control panel to manage all your web hosting and domain names all in one place, which you can access by simply logging on to the hosting company's website. We decided to go with a hosting company that would allow us to host more than one website within one hosting package at the same time, this saved us a fair bit of money! We have had as many as 10 websites uploaded to their cheapest 2.49pm hosting deal. So a quick sum shows you that for all 10 websites hosted within one package, you are actually only paying 24.9p per month per site hosted, WHAT A BARGAIN! Not all hosting companies have this as an option so make sure you check before siging up for a year! We get 5gb of web space on their server for this price as well, which will easily swallow up 95% of sites created by people, the average start up site will be a fraction of this size, more like megs than gigs. The only time this might not be such a good idea is if you are planning to host 100s of videos or photos, these take up a load of space and will soon munch up your 5gb. Our hosters have no limit to the traffic volume to our sites either, so that's not an issue either if you want a variety of sites hosted on the one 2.49 deal! Some of the greedier hosting companies won't allow this, they will want you to pay a separate fee for every single website that you want to launch, the costs will soon rack up at 2.49 a site! Even though we are paying a minimal amount per month for hosting, Our host provider are always happy to help us with any stupid question that we care to throw at them, from explaining how to set up a new website on their servers to domain transfers etc., just what you need when you are a complete novice. We usually email them and they always respond very quick, but you can phone them if you would rather speak to someone in person. We have been using he same hosts for over 2 years now, and so far we haven't had one problem with them, a great relief after having a few bad experiences with other dodgy UK hosting providers, who shan't be named here.

Send us an email if you need help with setting up or choosing a cheap web hosting UK provider. It's really very easy, it must be if we can do it!


How to set up a website hosting package

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