How To Set Up A Website - Beginners Guide

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Step 1 - Domain Names - How to set up a website

How To

Step 1 - Domain Names
Summary of what happens with the whole domain thing

Finding and buying a cheap domain name is very easy! Simply go to the free domain name checker that 1&1 have kindly provided us below, this is an excellent free tool for checking out all those domain names that have been buzzing about in your head.

You'll probably find a lot of your choices are already taken, don't panic, just keep keying in ideas, eventually you'll find one that is available. Once you have chosen a domain, all the domain name providers will then take you through a couple of easy steps to buy it, this will only take a couple of minutes start to finish. They DON'T charge a fee to open up an account, they just bill you for the actual domain you're buying. Unfortunately Spearhead don't have the facilities to sell domains but we may do in the future.

cheap domain names

I have bought more than a 100 domain names from a good variety of companies now. I can honestly say that they are all the Domain Name Suppliers are much of a muchness really, what is more important to get right is choosing the right hosting company, that is discussed on the web hosting page. On the subject of getting the best price, I still think that it's probably a good idea to shop around each time you want to buy a new domain as prices are going up and down all the time, just for your peace of mind. The next step is to simply pay a one off fee for the time period you would like the domain name for, sort of like renting the name. The typical cost of owning a domain name for a 2 year period is around 5.50 for a or 12.00 for a .com. I usually take my time to check domain names rather than rushing in on the first idea that pops in to my head as I know I am likely to own it for many years to come.This is the first stage in learning how to set up a website, the next step is to choose a suitable web hosting package.

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How to set up a website for new domain names

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Free Domain Name Checker

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How to set up a website ready for a new domain name

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