How To Set Up A Website - Beginners Guide

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Step 3 - How to set up a website

How To

Step 3 - How To Design a Website

People that create websites have to possess a variety of different skills, all of which need to be called upon in the process of making a website.

When I originally started out, I was probably at a very similar stage that you are at right now. I really didn't have a clue at all how to set up a website. I was totally intimidated by the whole thing, that was until my missus came to the rescue and bought me an excellent book called "Web Design For Dummies" which is now very dog eared and very loved. The original plan for this page was to provide an all-in-one information resource on how to design my own website, that was until I realized just how much work it would take to achieve this! Bit mad really when there are so many books on the subject already. I highly recommend the book below - the brilliance of the book is it's simplicity....

Best Book


All-in-one book on web design, you won't need any other!

All you need to know to start making professional looking websites in 5 easy steps.

Broken down in to 5 mini books covering a different area of website creation in each one and is also filled with decent colour illustrations to help make it all crystal clear.

Regarded as the number one web design book for beginners!

Book Summary

The book is written in plain English, designed for complete web design novices and doesn't get too heavy into all that boring geeky technical jargon that a lot of the books seem to love doing. The book breaks website writing down into a set of very easy to follow steps, so it doesn't seem like you have a massive mountain to climb. I simply read a chapter or two every few days, always making a point of stopping before reaching information overload. I then applied the new things that I had learnt to my DIY website design software and played about until I was totally happy that it had sunk in properly. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I grasped the whole web page writing process, bearing in mind that I had never done anything like this before. It's not hard at all once you have learnt a few basic principles, you just take it to what ever level you want to go with it. Before owning "Web Design For Dummies" I had wasted a hell of a lot of time trolling the internet trying to find
free little nuggets on how to design my own website. An awful lot of the info I found was basically written by unqualified authors providing either very misleading, unnecessary, overcomplicated or just plain wrong information. Eventually my other half said that I'm not actually learning very fast ! So she went out and bought me this great book.........

Book 1 - Getting Started - This covers things that need to be done before starting the design of a website, such as planning, understanding your target audience and choosing the best web design software for the job. Click the menu tab at the top to find out which one we use for Spearhead Projects.

Book 2 - Designing For the Web - This is all about creating the right image for your site and fills you in on the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript (You WON'T need to know anything about code if you decide to use the DIY web design software that I'm using!)

Book 3 - Building Websites - Lots of useful info about the website building basics such as adding images, text, hyperlinks, videos and making the right kinds of website layout and navigation structure.

Book 4 - Web Standards & Testing - Shows you how to check that your website is internet friendly by practising various tests on your newly created website.

Book 5 - Publishing & Site Maintenance - Explains how to get your site online and what on going maintenance is required to keep it fresh for the users.

This book covers so many areas that I haven't even listed above such as:

* Buying a domain name.
* Hosting your website.
* Choosing the right programme for creating graphics and logos.
* Optimizing your website in order to drive more traffic to your site through the search engines.
* How to make your website found by the largest possible audience.
* How to use Dreamweaver.
* Tips for promoting your website.
* When is it time to call in the experts.

At first it seemed like there was an awful lot to learn before I even started to design my own website, but it really isn't so bad if you just take it one step at a time. That is what this book excels at, it gives you advice in bite sized chunks that are easy to digest and with a dash of humour thrown in too!



How to set up a website

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