How To Set Up A Website - Beginners Guide

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Which DIY website builder do you use for Spearhead?

Answer: Incomedia's Website X5 (Evolution 9)

Website X5 - Evolution 9

best web design software 2010

For 2012 - 2013

ONLY ! £59.95 / €69.95 / $99.95


No Monthly Charges! No Hidden Extras !

Awarded Best Web Design Software 2010!

During Retail Vision 2010, one of the most important
international retail events, WebSite X5 - Evolution 8
ranked first place in the website design category for

“Best Software Product 2010”.
Press Release
The Award Ceremony
More Info (shown in Euros but can buy in Pounds)

Why did you choose Website X5?

I was a total novice, didn't have a clue how to set up a website at all, so I wanted to buy an easy to use website builder where I didn't have to worry about writing HTML code and all that geeky stuff. I did a ton of research on review sites and forums, checking out the pros and cons of all the current offerings, before deciding to go for Website X5.

There were two main reasons why I chose this particular software:

1. The overall performance of the product such as ease of use, reliability and the general quality of the finished websites.

2.The other big reason, which was just as valid was the fact that the price
had to be right, not having ever written a website before, I didn't want to lay out too much money on a DIY website builder, just in case I couldn't get to grips with it.

As it turned out choosing Website X5 was the best decision I could have ever made (more luck than judgment), I got up to speed with it in literally a couple of hours and to be honest I now think that the price was ridiculously cheap for what I got for my money. I am still using this oustanding piece of software 2 years later and haven't yet outgrown it!


Can people with no web design experience use Website X5?

Definitely! That is what this software was designed for, people who don't have a clue how to set up a website, a DIY website builder for total novices. Completely visual drag and drop concept, layed out in a highly intuitive, user friendly way. This leaves you all your time to focus on the design, text and images and not get bogged down with geeky programming. Most of it is very self explanatory, more or less idiot proof to be honest (must be if I can use it!) but if you are struggling there are plenty of easy to follow help articles at the top tool bar within the software. The first time I opened up the Website X5 software I decided to just have a play, I made a fictitious website just to familiarize myself with how it all works. I found that it was all very user friendly and quickly got to grips with it, even before reading the instructions! The secret is to not be too intimidated by the prospect of using this DIY website builder for the first time, I can reassure you here and now that Website X5 is simplicity itself, it has to be if someone like me stands any chance of using it! When I manage to find some time (ha ha!) my plan is to post a collection of tips and tricks specifically for Website X5 that I have discovered along the way. I have created all my sites using this powerful program, I know it inside out now so if you need any help and advice you can email me for a bit of free training!

Watch how easy Website X5
is to use!


How long will it take to design a website using Website X5?

I can knock up a pretty respectable looking website of 3 to 4 pages in a couple of hours! The beauty of owning a DIY website builder is that any time you come up with a bright idea to improve your website you can act on it immediately, make your changes in minutes and then upload it to the net straight away, job done! The best bit of all is the fact that it is completely free, no expensive charges to pay some fancy web designer!


What does the Website X5 finished product look like?

Very professional looking and easy to navigate. Before I bought Website X5 I spent quite a bit of time checking out finished examples of every DIY website builder available, and to be honest most of them just looked amateurish and really basic. I have tried some of the free online website builders as well but found them all to be very restrictive, all the finished websites end up looking very similar and boring. With Website X5 you can take the design as far as you want to go with it, the software provides loads of easy to use tools and templates to help you create a very unique looking design that suits your needs. If you don't fancy using any of the templates provided there's even a custom option so that you can make one from scratch. Most of the sites I create are designed specifically to earn a few pennies through the Google Asense program so they have a distinct look to them, as you'll see on my creations page.

Go to My Creations for mine, by the way Spearhead was built with Website X5.
Go to Website X5 for other users.


1. Choose your design
1400 templates or create a custom layout.

2. Add as many pages as you like
There's no page limit.

3. Enter your content
Text, photos, videos, animations, slideshows.

4. Add a bonus feature
RSS feeds, blog, shopping cart, member area.

5. Easy uploader
Publish your website to the internet.


New user:
I spent a lot of Sunday working on the website (downloaded the Website X5 software you recommended) and have to say that I am very impressed so far!!) - once I have the website up and running I'll email you a link so you can see what you think. Really appreciate all your help - I owe you one!!

My reply:
Glad to be of help, you won't regret it, it's the perfect solution to get you going. I recommended it to another friend a month ago, he's totally addicted to Website X5 now! Loves the program! I have had a lot of experience writing websites with it now, I've written about 20 of em! (including, think it's brilliant. I have recommended it to a few people now and they all love it, perfect for 1st timers. I believe they are giving away a years free hosting with the software at the moment which is really good, will save you a bit of dosh, all you need is to pay for a domain, job done. I seem to be turning in to a bit of how to guru on this subject, but that's fine as it's my hobby anyway and we all end up learning from each other in the end.


Best Web Design Software 2010

During Retail Vision 2010, one of the most important international retail events, WebSite X5 Evolution 8 ranked first in the web design category
for “Best Software Product 2010”. Press Release
The Award Ceremony


Is Website X5 a good enough tool to write websites for other businesses?

Yes I'm the living proof that it is. Only using the Website X5 DIY website builder and nothing else I have written a website for a beauty salon and one for a proofreading outfit and they are both generating a lot of work for their respective businesses. Not only do they both get regular compliments on their website's look and ease of navigating, but I have also managed to get them on to first page of Google Search, you will need to learn about search engine optimization to get to the top of Google. That's one in the eye for all those pretentious and expensive web designers out there who are using state of the art software that costs thousands. The beauty salon gets so many calls and emails from the website now that she doesn't need to do any other marketing at all, and that's after less than a year of it going live! What a result!


How do I get my website showing on the internet?

Extremely simple! First you have to buy a domain, you can check domain names available using our free tool. You will also need to sort out hosting for the website as well, fortunately you get a year for FREE when you buy website X5's software. Then once that is all set up all you then have to do is upload your newly created website to the internet. This part is extremely easy, it is all done within the DIY website builder itself, you use a quick FTP upload control panel that gets the job done. Check out video 5 on my video tutorial page to see how.


Can I create as many websites as I wish with no additional costs?

Yes. You can make as many websites and as many pages as you like, I'm up to about 20 websites and going strong! Have a look at some of the sites I've created with this fab DIY website builder at my creations page


What does Website X5 software look like?

Take a quick look at the videos, they show quite nicely the five simple steps to creating and uploading a website to the internet, using only Website X5. CLICK HERE


Can you apply search engine optimization (SEO) to the websites?

Yes. You have full control over the SEO, the software provides an easy to use panel for entering the TITLE, DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS. You also have full access to edit the ALT TAGS hidden behind the images. You can create HTML links for link building, keyword rich content in the text editor and instant sitemapping option. I am living proof that the search engine optimization on Website X5 is up to scratch as I have achieved first place on Google with some of my sites and I was competing against full on professionally built websites that probably cost them thousands to put together! Rock on!


I want to sell products, can you build in an e-commerce facility?

Yes. Website X5 has a pre built shopping cart form ready to use within the software. The Website X5 software has been developed to accept credit and debit cards, and even cash payments through PayPal. If you do not have an account with PayPal you can create a free account in minutes by going to their own website.


What are some of the other tools included in Website X5?

The software is packed with tools to help you create professional websites with all of the eye-catching features you see on the web's very best sites. Such as a 3D button editor, tools for creating a reserved area, RSS feed option, option to create multi-language sites; a graphic editor for touching up images with the application of filters, frames and masks; sites created in XHTML, compatible with all he main browsers, navigable from mobile phones.and blog creator.


Who can use Website X5?

Individuals, associations or clubs that want easy and creative software to make their websites and photo albums; businesses that need professional level websites and online shops; web designers who want a complete and versatile program to produce sites for paying clients; public bodies and schools who need an easy-to-use diy website builder for their own site.


How have you found Website X5 customer support?

It's rare that I need to contact support as the Website X5 software is more or less idiot proof, it needs to be for me to use it!. You have two options, both really good. First stop is their forum, I have found a lot of juicy tidbits here that have sorted me out sweet on the more obvious stuff. The second option is emailing their support team, I have done this on about 5 occasions in 2 years, and they have always dealt with my questions clearly and promptly, I have never once been left hanging, waiting for a reply. Or of course you are welcome to contact me for a bit of free advice, be warned though my response time might be a tad slower than Website X5 as I only do this in the evenings, I have to go to work to earn a crust during the day, boring!


Where can I buy Website X5 ?

Click below to go to the official Incomedia website, the creators of Website X5 and it will take you through to their own shop page. You can't buy Website X5 from us unfortunately, I'm not set up for it, but you are welcome to email me if you have any questions about the software. When I bought my copy they gave me the option of downloading it or buying a CD. I chose to download it, which was very straight forward, it only took me minutes to do. I didn't bother with the CD, and that proved to be a non issue anyway because 6 months ago my really crap HP laptop died on me ( got an Acer now, massively better!) so I contacted Website X5, they were great, they just set it up so that I could download it again for free! Very impressed!

Website X5 - Evolution 9

All-in-one DIY website builder packed with tools to create and publish professional websites, online shops and blogs in just 5 easy steps.

No hidden extras - No annual charges! - Only £59.95 / €69.95 / $99.95

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