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How To Increase Website Hits

How To

How To Increase Visitors To Your Website

You have probably arrived at this page because you don't understand why nobody is visiting your brilliant website.

This page is all about helping you to increase visitors (traffic) to your site. One of the most common questions that Spearhead Projects gets asked is how is it that some websites appear on the first page of Google and some are nowhere to be seen? How do you get yours to the top of the search engines? The answer is simple, search engine optimization, this is the art of making websites that the search engines really love! It is just as important to learn how to optimize your website (SEO) as it is to create a fancy looking design, that is if you ever want to be found!

increase Visitors To Your Website

Like you, when I first started all I was focused on was learning how to set up a website. Applying search engine optimization (SEO) to the site for the sole purpose of generating visitors (traffic) wasn't even a consideration or was even aware of at that point. It's not something you discuss down the pub with your friends! In my ignorance I thought you simply wrote your site, made it pretty, uploaded it to the net and sit back and wait for the phone to start ringing off the hook, happy days....Wrong! I now know why the phone never rang, I wasn't even on the first 10 pages of Google! You ask anybody, it is unlikely that they will search any further than the 3rd page let alone the 10th! I soon realized that in order to stand any chance of being found at all on the internet I had to find out what the techniques and tricks other people used to get them to the top.

I decided that if I wanted to increase website hits to my precious site the best thing for me to do was to buy an all-in-one book that covered every aspect of this subject and without over complicating any of it, otherwise I would soon get bored and give up. I chose the quick fix book approach rather than wasting endless hours surfing the net to try and find out the smallest nugget of information, the learning process would be much slower going this route. I remembered my excellent experience that I had with the book "Webdesign for Dummies" which my fiance bought for me when I first got in to web design, so I thought I would stick with the same collection, so I bought the book "Search Engine Optimization for Dummies" This book is generally regarded as the number one book on the subject of SEO for beginners.

The way I used the book was by reading one chapter at a time, making sure I totally understood it, then wrote down brief notes on the things that I had learnt. I did this by opening a Microsoft word document and wrote a short bullet pointed summary that I could then quickly refer to in the future, which meant not wasting time reading through the whole chapter again if I ever needed a refresher. I listed about 65 summarized tips in the end and a lot of folded corners in the book!

I was relieved to discover that every aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) explained in the book can be easily put into practice with my current web design software from X5. To my amazement the majority of beginner website software that's on the market is very limited in this area, almost as if they are brushing SEO under the carpet! Unfortunately the first time a total novice goes shopping for software they usually have no idea what SEO is or just how essential it is to be included in their marketing strategy, that is until it's too late. By then you have probably wasted a lot of time and hard earned cash on a basically useless piece of software. I have written a summary of the book below, if you are interested in buying the book I have put a link to Amazon's official site at the bottom ......

Best Book


This book tells you how to generate more visitors by getting your
website seen a lot more. The book fills you in on which of the search
engines are the most important, what they are looking for in good
search engine optimization to help increase website hits and what will get you penalised and drop you to the bottom of the pile in the search engines. The book also covers how to get you on to the main directories, and how to spend youradvertising money wisely.

SEO is not smoke and mirrors! It's actually very logical!

Book Summary

Handy guide for getting your site to jump to the top, updated with latest tips and tricks!

* Planning your strategy for the search engines
* Make website pages that are highly visible
* How to increase website hits
* Teaches you how to get your website ranked high with the main search engines, such as Google
* Shows you the classic things that search engines hate (warns of SEO techniques that will get your site penalised)
* Use Google universal search, image search optimization, importance of sitemaps, and more
* Helpful information on picking the right keywords
* How to analyse and measure the traffic results to your site
* How to boost your exposure by the use of shopping directories and retailers
* Move higher up the rankings with the use of popular links and social networking sites
* Using Pay–per–click (sponsored links) ads in a way that you are getting good value for your money.
* Where and how to place the all important keywords on to your website to make it count with search engines!

A clear understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) is essential if you want your Web site to appear high in search results. This straightforward–but–fun guide provides you with a clear understanding of how you can use SEO as a key strategy for online marketing. After discussing search engine basics, SEO expert Peter Kent shares tips, tricks, and advice for making your content appealing to search engines. You?ll explore new and updated content on Bing, Google?s new "Caffeine" search algorithm, localized searches, Google Sidewiki, and more.

This book is also a great help in avoiding some of the many pitfalls along the way and teaches you how to become a clever advertiser in your journey to increase visitors to your website. You will never be intimidated by all the search engines dos and don'ts again with this awesome book at your side!

About the Author
Peter Kent is an e–commerce consultant who specializes in search engine optimization. He is also the author of the previous bestselling editions of this book.



How to set up a website to increase vistors

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